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If other products do not work for your prostatitis, Uralite will cure you for sure.


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Uralite is a natural supplement for the prostate gland, and it has no side effects!

  • Inhibits tumor growth prevent various cancers
  • Regulates the sex hormones in the body
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Balances the hormones in the body

More than 84% of men over 30 were unaware that they had a prostate problem.

Look at the checklist below if you have them

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • No desire to have sex
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Difficulty in urinating
  • Not excreting all urine out
  • No morning wood
  • Testicular pain
  • Sex less than 3 times a week
  • Often going to the restroom at night
  • Water coming out when urinating
  • Easily exhausted
  • Depression

Prostitis makes men's lives hell

Pain from frequent urination

Pain when going to the bathroom frequently Caused by the bladder not completely draining the urine. At night, men have to wake up to go to the bathroom many times at night. Not getting enough sleep affects mental health.

Sexual inarousal

Prostatitis is the first stage that can cause Erectile dysfunction can deteriorate at birth. Symptoms of ejaculation too quickly. Next began to have problems with the erection of the penis. Decreased sexual desire and amount of sex

Embarrassing treatment

Men with prostatitis have to be patient and have to go through prostate massage through the rectum, which must be done by a doctor.

Frequent pain in the hematoma, fibrosis and prostatectomy.

Inflammation causes Enlargement of the connective tissue. The prostate gland is disrupted, which requires prostate surgery

Prostate cancer

In the worst case prostatitis will cause prostate cancer It is proven that When men get older The chance of developing prostate cancer is even higher.

As you get older, your chances of developing prostatitis increase. Protect yourself now

Prostate enlargement occurs rapidly. Starting at the age of 35-40, which is caused by the production of the hormone dihydrotestosterone in the body, which stimulates the enlargement of the prostate gland.

The sooner you take action to protect your own health, the higher your chances of preventing it. The final result was horrible. of prostatitis It can maintain sexual health and erectile dysfunction. and maintain happiness in family life as well

There are products that are easy to use and buy...

Uralite is 100% Natural and helps restore and protect the prostate after thirty years

More than 400 of my patients have used Uralite for prostatitis. It is a very effective product. It is designed to contain all the substances needed to provide optimal protection for the prostate gland. No matter what changes are caused by age or in the degenerative recovery of the prostate gland, it will work.

I recommend men over 30 use Uralite . Treating an aggravating disease in the back will be easier and cheaper.

Jed Dimaano, Honorary Member of the Society for Homeopathy and Natural Remedies

Why did 450,000 men choose Uralite?

100% Natural ingredients

Because it is natural, it has no side effects, and does not affect high blood pressure or the function of the heart. No prescription needed


The product does not only kill germs and dilate blood vessels like other products. But restoring the normal state of the prostate gland back again and nourishing the prostate gland to be healthy

No antibiotic ingredients

The capsule contains natural substances that kill germs and do not cause side effects. This product does not affect the immune system.

Increases sex drive

The additional effect of Uralite is to increase and improve sexual desire and erection. You will be confident in true masculinity of course

Long-lasting results

It should be taken as a course to get sustainable results. Hindi mabilis mawala ang resulta.

Why did 450,000 males choose Uralite ?

The Health Research Institute conducted research on Uralite in 2016 with a total of 750 subjects participating in the trial. The statistical error rate was not more than 2.3%.

Uralite researchers used potent ingredients for this

Folium Camellia sinensis

Helps improve urine flow and decrease inflammation. Contains plant-based antioxidant compounds, may improve cognitive function and overall health.

Folium Ginkgo biloba

Possesses anti-inflammatory, blood flow-enhancing, and free radical scavenging effects, can reduce Benign prostatic hyperplasia risk

Royal Jelly

Has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, reduces oxidative stress and inflammation.


Inhibits prostate cancer cell migration, helps increase the activity of white blood cells, helps the body fight cancer and improves quality of life

Rhizoma Zingiber officinale

Has strong antioxidants that protect the prostate from harmful free radicals that speed up tissue aging and cancer development. Inhibits enzyme that promotes cancer development; helps reduce the risk of cancer

Eleuthero Extract

Relieve inflammation
with the effect of natural antiseptics without negative effects on your health

Returns the prostate gland to its normal size so it doesn't swell

Cell tuning in the prostate to function naturally

Easy to drink

Take 1 capsule 3 time/ day before meals

Take it regularly and don't skip it.

There are no dietary or lifestyle restrictions. You can enjoy as normal.


Who should use this?

How is Uralite different from other prostatitis products?

Why is it necessary to take Uralite in an unbroken cycle?

Imagine life without prostitis

  • Finally, there is no need to go to the restroom every 15 minutes
  • The flow of urine is continuous
  • No more thigh pain
  • Old age? What's that? Age is no longer importantNo more embarrassing treatments
  • No more exorbitant spending on doctors, treatments, and medications
  • Get your exciting sex life back again. Your girlfriend will be very happy and you will feel like a real man.

The Uralite team is happy to serve you

Jose Solideo
Quality Manager

We spare no expense when it comes to the quality of our product. We only use the best.

Lee Tiamzon
Call Center Manager

Our call center agents will properly talk to you and teach you how to purchase and use Uralite

Wesley Prescott
Delivery Department Manager

The delivery that will be brought to you is definitely anonymous. No one will know what it contains but you.

How to order and receive


Once you have submitted the order form, Uralite staff will be in touch.


The packaging does not include the name of the product.


You pay for the product with the delivery officer.


and fully enjoy life with a healthy prostate.

If other products do not work for your prostatitis, Uralite will cure you for sure.


*This discount is only for Filipinos

Sale Price:
1,990 Php

3,980 Php


Warning! Limited Stocks only!

30 units left

1496 ordered this week

*Protected by the Data Privacy Act

This is not medicine or substitute to medicine

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